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Family Portrait

Helping to safeguard your family
when you are going through
the unexpected.

Nobody plans on getting sick, but it happens.
​Health insurance may cover hospital bills, but it won't cover your mortgage, put gas in your car, or food on the table when you can't work. During difficult times, we step in to help families cover these expenses, allowing them to focus on their health and their family.




Heart Attack/Stroke


Cancer impacts millions of Americans each year. Our Cancer plans pay benefits directly to our policyholders to help manage financial necessities that arise along the way.

The number of people suffering from heart attacks and strokes is historically high and expected to rise, The Heart Attack and Stroke Plan has benefits specifically geared toward containing the out-of-pocket costs associated with a heart-related illness.

While none of us can predict when an accident will occur, we can certainly be prepared for them. Our Accident plans provide coverage for the bodily injuries that can result from life's accidents. 

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