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Everyone has a different background and a different reason for choosing to build a career at Globe Life Family Heritage. We work together, support each other, and help each other succeed.

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Erich Koch

President of The Koch Agency

Shortly after graduating from Texas ATM, I started my career with Family Heritage in 2005 without any prior industry experience. I wanted to have ownership of my career, and control over my income and mobility within the company. I quickly surrounded myself with the right people, which has enabled us to consistently grow since this organization’s beginning. I absolutely love working with Winners who challenge me daily.

I came to Family Heritage immediately following my graduation from The University of Texas in 2009. I’ve had a lifetime career in sales. My first sales experience was with magazines in 5th grade for a school fundraiser. I was the number one salesman in school. Next, I sold study guides and children’s books door-to-door during my college summers with the Southwestern Company. 

     I have always loved the opportunity to control my own schedule, get paid what I’m worth, and own my future. I also love the products we offer and how they make a big difference in the lives of our clients. However, it’s not what we do, but who we become in the process of building our businesses as we create multigenerational wealth for ourselves and our families.

Colin Thomas

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I came to Globe Life/Family Heritage in 2017 from the field of Education. I was a Teacher with Chicago Public Schools for 8 years and McKinney Texas for 1 year. I really wanted a change that would allow me to take control of my time, income and destiny. Family Heritage allowed me a limitless platform with a product I could believe in. I found an opportunity to work with great leaders who consistently inspire me to be better than I was yesterday!

Missie Edwards

I was an IT recruiter for a consulting firm. I was the number one recruiter in my office and #3 in the entire company in the first few months and was slotted for promotion to Account Manager. The higher ups kept moving the bar after I would exceed the requirements for the promotion for more than a year. When it came down to it, I wasn’t being paid nearly what I was worth, so I decided to make a move to Family Heritage. The money, bonuses, and trips are what excited me and motivated me. The ability to earn a residual income down the road was incredible, but the service we provide our clients is what has kept me here going on 14 years now.

Damian Garcia III

I started in June 2021 with Family Heritage after a 25 year career selling wine for large distributors in DFW and the California coast. I had a need for a flexible schedule, and meeting great people every day, yet was wanting to get out of the corporate daily grind. I embrace having my own business, yet I am never alone. It’s up to YOU to succeed!

Linda Powell

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Trenton Moses

This company has allowed me to be with my family, provide a great income and achieve goals for myself that I never thought would be possible. Making a difference in the lives of families while offering this same possibility to others just lights a fire inside me. To say that Family heritage is a great career opportunity is an understatement. This company has changed my life for the better. From the positive people I work with to the quality lifesaving protection, we are offering families. You really can have your cake and eat it too! My provisions for the future are unlimited and by showing up for others I am creating opportunities for others to join while building the life of my dreams.

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